Company Origins

OZNA’s origins go back to the early fifties, which were the post-war years of industrial restoration with rapid development of petroleum industry in the USSR. In March 1953, a machinery and repair plant was commissioned in Oktyabrsky (Bashkiria). This was the beginning of the Company. The plant’s output was in high demand with oilfield operations rapidly growing their production of “black gold” across Bashkiria.

In January 1958, the Nefteavtomatika plant was launched in Oktyabrsky to manufacture oilfield instruments, process automation and control tools.

The two plants shipped their products to the Volga-Urals petroleum province in the early sixties, and to West Siberia in the seventies, when West Siberian oil fields came on stream.

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Mass Production

The two plants started cooperating with each other in 1969 to manufacture Sputnik well pad meters designed by the Oktyabrsky branch of the Research Institute of Automation for Oil and Gas Industry in Bashkiria. These automated well pad meters were shipped along with packaged water pumps, oil pumps, chemical pumps and other oilfield equipment to the oil-producing regions of the Soviet Union and Comecon countries, including Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia.

The association of these plants was rebranded several times before the early nineties, and then Aktsionernaya Kompaniya OZNA OJSC was founded in 1993.

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Business Diversification

Since the early 2000s, OZNA has been developing its business of manufacturing wellsite and fiscal metering equipment for crude and refined oil. Meanwhile, NPP OZNA-Engineering LLC was founded to become later an autonomous division of the OZNA Group of Companies.

In 2004, the Company adopted a new development strategy initiating a major expansion of core activities. Main objective: deliver integrated services of oilfield construction starting from the grassroots stage of design through the first oil production and sales into the trunk pipeline.

To this end, new subdivisions were set up within the Company to support services, research and engineering, and design disciplines. The companies of OZNA Group began operating in more than 30 cities of Russia, Europe and Asia. In 2009, our cooperation with Schlumberger started. As part of this technological partnership, OZNA became the exclusive provider of Vx technology in Russia. Since 2010, OZNA has been participating in major oilfield construction projects of Vankor, Yuzhnoye Khylchuyu, Priobskoye, Kolvinskoye which gave rise to a number of new competencies within OZNA. In 2015, new autonomous subdivisions were set up in Saint Petersburg, Tyumen, Irkutsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

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Introducing Lean Manufacturing

In recent years, OZNA has been actively adopting lean manufacturing practices. The objective is to increase efficiency by reducing wastes in all activities. To date the company has increased business efficiency, reduced project implementation time, and reduced manufacturing areas by optimizing logistic processes and implementing ergonomic distribution of workforce.

Diversifying and Upgrading Production

In 2012, to manufacture metering skids and Vx multiphase flowmeters with required metrological accuracy, OZNA set up an in-house 1st Grade Calibration Specimen of unit mass flowrate for gas-liquid mixture. Project investment totalled more than $1.5 million. The manufacturing of multiphase Vx Spectra flowmeters was localized in Oktyabrsky.

In 2015, a new manufacturing process was launched in Ufa to support production of metering skids and oil/gas treatment equipment with unique solutions implemented to meet specific requirements of our Clients, increase the efficiency of every project in terms of schedule and quality compliance.

In 2016–2017, OZNA deployed a modern process of shot blasting and surface painting in Oktyabrsky and, with funding from the Industrial Development Fund, commissioned new foundry facilities, introduced rotocasting technology, purchased CNC lathe centres for manufacturing bimetal liners.


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OZNA is actively developing with confidence about the future. The Company development strategy is currently focused on technologies and solutions for gas industry, petroleum refining, petrochemistry and export markets.