MSV with leak control - OZNA's own development

30 May 2022

OZNA specialists designed and manufactured Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) with leak tightness control. This new solution in the MSV line has a number of features that make it in demand for oilmen extracting hydrocarbons from oil and gas condensate fields with high pressure and high content of hydrogen sulfide in oil.

MSV has an open design: it is made on a metal frame with a visor to protect against precipitation and solar exposure. It is equipped with a differential pressure sensor that will monitor possible leaks of the carriage seal. Switching of wells is carried out by means of an electric drive. The unit includes a unit for measuring and processing information (BIOI), lighting, monitoring and signaling of gas contamination. The MSV line is constantly evolving, each solution meets the needs of oil workers. In recent years, the geography of supplies has expanded from Kazakhstan to Chile

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