New contract for multiphase pump station supply

24 June 2019

By the end of this year, Joint-Stock Company OZNA will have designed, manufactured and delivered a multiphase pumping station (MPPS) to Sharkanskoye Field for our Udmurtneft JSC Clients.

Eight years ago, OZNA started manufacture of this type of product as part of a pumping sector modernization program. The multiphase pumping station (MPPS) is designed to transport multiphase oil-gas-water-saturated medium with the head required at the oil treatment plant (OTP) intake. It allows to transport everything in one pipeline instead of dividing the media into individual oil and gas flows, thus reducing the Client's capex. OZNA MPPSs are already operated at oil fields of Lukoil and Rosneft structural divisions. The sales geography is from the Komi Republic to the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.

The multiphase medium in new open wells of Sharkanskoye Field, where a four-unit MPPS will be operated, is characterized by a high gas factor – up to 90 %. Stable transportation of crude oil will be provided by three multiphase pumps with an emulsion output of 24 m3/h each. One unit will perform the control function. The station will be supplied with all necessary engineering utilities. Automation involves installation of monitoring and control tools that ensure trouble-free station operation in the automatic mode. 

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