OZNA actively registers its own software products

20 February 2022
OZNA actively registers its own software products

Over the past few years, one of the priorities of OZNA has been the development of the technological block. The company is being transformed into a technological one, in this regard, the number of certificates and patents received has increased significantly, which will ensure the protection of its own technologies from possible copying. OZNA has received a certificate of state registration of the computer program "CreateTrend Application Software Product". The software product is part of the OZNA-Flow software, and can also act as a separate software.

The software is designed for archiving process data in an MS SQL database. In this control, you can configure: the number of databases and characteristics; characteristics of servers and groups of parameters; characteristics of parameters (discrete, integer, real - name, address, unit of measurement, range); receipt of data by subscription or request, etc. 

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