OZNA applies consistent approach to mitigate CO2

17 March 2021
OZNA applies consistent approach to mitigate CO2

OZNA applies consistent approach to mitigate CO2 emissions and promotes low carbon energy-efficient technologies for customers and for its own operations.
Effective utilization if Associated petroleum gas — APG) is a challenge for oil and gas industry. The main incentive for the rational use of APG is often environmental constraints and project financial risks. In Russia, more than 45 billion cubic meters of associated hydrocarbon gas is burned for local generation of electricity and heat.
OZNA has a number of technologies such as:

* The intelligent temperature control system does not consume extra energy, maintaining the minimum allowable temperature in the block box during periods of time when there are no staff there.
∙ The fuel and oxidizer supply control system in heating furnaces and boiler rooms allows the fuel to be burned in a stoichiometric ratio to reduce fuel consumption and maximize the efficiency of the heating process of the working agent.
* Modular pumping stations with volumetric plunger pumps run on low-voltage motors and consume 3 times less electricity at the same consumption compared to CNS pumps.

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