OZNA Coaching Club meeting

31 August 2020
OZNA Coaching Club meeting

Nine months ago, OZNA launched a corporate leadership program called Coaching: 10 Best Practices of a Leader. Now, it is time to draw preliminary results, touch base and "take a bearing". In the course of vigorous debates at the 4th session of OZNA Coaсhing Club attended by all the program leaders, it was made clear that the endeavor took off. More than 200 persons are already transforming their workplace behavior, acquiring and transmitting new knowledge to their colleagues, inculcating values and sharing references.

The program and its ten best practices have already gone through a combat shakedown. The pandemic has shown that if leaders and those led by them interact efficiently and cohesively, if they function within a common information field, the workflow performance stays at a high level even with telecommuting. The Coaсhing Club meeting was preceded by an anonymous Bitrix survey where everyone could speak up about the program merits and sore spots.

Visual Control Board and Business Conversation received accolades as the most efficient tools, especially in the times of remote employment. They guarantee transparency of goals, help to identify problem issues, promote shared corporate culture.

During the discussion, many coaches and their proteges noted an increase in personal performance which is one of the focal points of the program. Reshaping oneself together with the company, that's what is crucial in the current market environment.


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