OZNA Digital strategy - Recognize and extract value for optimum oil production

6 June 2021

OZNA to held a webinar to present it’s digital strategy that demonstrates how production assets value can be pushed to a new level of optimum performance.

OZNA digital strategy designed to increase oil production at three levels- reservoir, well bore and surface facilities in brown and green fields.

The digital strategy implementation provides these business effects:

Mitigate and eliminate deferred and lost production,

increase surface facilities up time.



• Challenges faced by oil and gas companies and solutions provided by OZNA and DOHAT AL KHALEEJ LLC

OZNA Digital and product strategy- vision and applications

•   Field Management Challenges in oil production: reservoir, well, surface facilities

• “The truth about well”- Pyramid of data from gage to a Surveillance Centre

• “Act fast” Pyramid of products

Hardware products

• 3 phase separator

• Multi-Port Flow Switcher

• Compact Metering Units

• Manifold Blocks

• 2 phase separator


The webinar page and registration page for OZNA webinar is ready. Please see below links.

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