OZNA DiMod. Digital Model

6 April 2022
OZNA DiMod. Digital Model

The new vector of development of the OZNA company is digitalization, which is so in demand in the oil and gas industry now. Over the decades, the Company has established itself as a large and reliable production and engineering holding, now OZNA has also become digital. New digital products and solutions will help reduce capital and operating costs. One of them is – OZNA DiMod.
A dynamic parametric model of the equipment that describes its very operation during the period of operation. It is built on the basis of a mathematical model. Synchronized with real physical parameters from equipment sensors. It is possible to build a digital model of installations based on neural networks and "machine learning" systems.
·        Plan-fact process analysis 
·        Optimized equipment operation in auto-pilot mode 
·        Troubleshooting and predictive analytics 

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