OZNA doubled the manufacturing speed of its pumping stations

17 June 2020
OZNA doubled the manufacturing speed of its pumping stations

Recently, OZNA had significantly increased the assembly speed of its transfer pumping stations (TPS). Up till now, depending on the number of elements the production cycle of one pumping station was equal to 30-40 days. However, lately the company managed to significantly improve the assembly speed of its two transfer pumping stations. Four pumping station packages with a total weight of 75 tons for Tyumenneftegaz were assembled within 21 business days only.

Thanks to a single-piece flow principle, a record-breaking assembly rate was achieved for a transfer pumping station consisting of 12 units. The given principle is based on a timely issue of engineering documentation, well-regulated procurement of component parts and staged structuring of production process. Apart from that, a well-established interaction between the stakeholders made it possible to deliver the transfer pumping station in 24 business days. It took OZNA a little more than three weeks to prepare a product with the total weight of 180 tons for shipment.

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