OZNA introduces a new vendor assessment service

15 July 2019
OZNA introduces a new vendor assessment service

OZNA introduces a new Bitrix-based vendor pre-qualification service.

The key objective of pre-qualification is to create a unified register of OZNA’s potential bidders for the procurement of goods and services in compliance with OZNA’s quality requirements.

The result of the pre-qualification process will be the decision to accept or decline a vendor considered for inclusion in the register of bidders.

The passing of the pre-qualification process enables vendors to take part in the purchasing activities of OZNA divisions during a period of up to 18 months.

Memorandum (link)

Pre-qualification Guidelines (link)

Contacts: Aliya Makhmutova, e-mail: mahmutova.as@ozna.ru,

Phone: +7 917 447 34 83.


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