OZNA production efficiency enhanced

7 September 2020
OZNA production efficiency enhanced

Together with the Federal Excellence Сenter for Labor Efficiency (FECLE), OZNA-Engineering research and production center managed to significantly increase manufacturing efficiency of OZNA packages.

The project was a part of a program consisting in competitive edge improvement through lean manufacturing. Pilot production of a fuel gas treatment package demonstrated a reduction in process time of 36% (from 388.6 to 286.6 hours). The increase in labor productivity was equal to 20%.

Is had become possible thanks to an efficient production engineering. As part of the pilot project, the blank section of OZNA production facility was redesigned to match "just in time" principle and visual management philosophy.

According to OZNA chief executive officer Mikhail Kravtsov, the cooperation program helped to see a huge improvement potential of the company, both in terms of production and office processes, and the acquired knowledge and experience will be very helpful in this respect.

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