OZNA promotes competencies in water treatment

1 October 2019
OZNA promotes competencies in water treatment

One of the subjects addressed at Rosneft’s field-specific R&D conference which was held recently in Samara was a report on the application of technology for the removal of residual petroleum products from produced water. The presentation made by a speaker from Bashneft was based on the experience of introducing the hydrocyclone technology designed by OZNA.

The same subject had been previously discussed at a session of the R&D Board at Bashneft-Dobycha, where OZNA experts had presented the results of the pilot run of a mobile research unit (MRI) at MWIS-8 of Kopey-Kubovo Oil Processing Facility. The results of the pilot run proved to be successful.

The deployment of OZNA’s MRI helped to reduce the levels of solids and petroleum products in produced water to 20 mg/dm3, and it was noted that improved water quality had increased MTBO for wells and cut expenses on the maintenance of injection wells and bore holes.

High efficiency of OZNA’s proprietary hydrocyclone water treatment technology has been proved. The pilot run results are included in the Engineering Report which is available for review by Rosneft professionals and is referenced at industry conferences. The next step is to integrate OZNA’s hydrocyclone technology into standard solutions for the Client’s field development projects.

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