OZNA registers a new trademark

2 August 2020

OZNA-Gulfstream is a new trademark owned by OZNA. It was registered in the Public Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

OZNA pays much attention to timely registration of its trademarks and new products, as they are important constituents of the company's capitalization, an attestation of unicity of its creative solutions. Registration of new trademarks also serves as an indicator of the company's sustained and systematic branding activities. From now on, OZNA water treatment product line has its own "writ of protection" safeguarding its intellectual property rights, ensuring comprehensive protection of both technology and product industrial design.

Under the laws of Russian Federation, trademark registration is valid for 10 years on the territory of the whole country. Then, it may be renewed.

At the beginning of this year, the cyclone water separation technology which OZNA-Gulfstream is based on received a utility model patent. The experts of the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property recognized the efficiency of the filtration solution based on hydrocyclone technology which was proposed by OZNA and verified in the course of numerous pilot tests in various regions of the country.

The new OZNA trademark polishes the image of a reliable engineering company in the eyes of a client. Also, it serves as a declaration of uniqueness of new water treatment design concepts on an industry-wide scale and ensures product compliance

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