Pig launcher and receiver product family enhanced Now, for the gas industry also.

1 July 2020
Pig launcher and receiver product family enhanced Now, for the gas industry also.

OZNA continues to populate its pig launcher and receiver product family. Over the past 5 years, the given product line was enhanced with new pipe schedules and diameters. Almost all oil and gas producing regions of the county employ OZNA pig launchers and receivers. Since the beginning of the year, the order book of the company was replenished with yet 21 equipment packages.

They include 2 pig launcher and receiver packages for the development of the Cenomanian and the Turonian gas deposits at Yuzhno-Russkoye oil, gas and condensate field, as well as a new client - Severneftegazprom, a major vendor of Nord Stream gas pipeline project. The project has a number of technical intricacies premised on the working fluid specification, which in this case is natural gas. DN700 10MPa pig launcher and receiver package will use intrinsically safe materials, both for the main design and the auxiliary equipment. The latter includes pig kicking and removal appliances. Although, OZNA has one-time experience manufacturing equipment of such kind for DN200 pipeline, the company is currently looking at a next leg in the given product market.

The pig launcher and receiver packages will soon come with proprietary OZNA accessories. The equipment reliability and tightness will be significantly enhanced thanks to the use of a bayonet lock with a cup packing. The pig signaller has proven its efficiency in the course of practical use.

Traditionally, the demand for pig launcher and receiver packages in the gas industry is very high. Currently, OZNA turns over a new leaf in the given product line and strives to gain yet another experience through the design and manufacturing of equipment meant for the pipeline diameter as large as DN1400. The fact that OZNA won the bid proposed by Severneftegazprom to equip its fields with high-tech equipment of enhanced performance is not just a recognition of the company potential, but a new milestone in its history.



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