Repeat sales as a sign of customer trust

22 July 2019

OZNA continues to develop its range of filtration products. The company’s commitment to offering its Clients the best possible solution is supported by ANSYS software for computational fluid dynamics, thermal analysis, strength analysis, and other parameters. 

At the end of 2016, OZNA designed and supplied a filtration unit for Salym Petroleum. It was a challenging project which required reaching a stated capacity of 36,000 m3/day, and hydraulic resistance in the clean filter was not to exceed the value of 14 kPa. OZNA had managed to win the bid by offering the best solution with a rationale which further proved to be true. 

At the new bid for the Verkhnesalymskoye Field Development Project for the supply of a similar filtration unit, OZNA was awarded the contract again. Salym Petroleum is known to carefully select its partners, and being one of them is always a big responsibility and a test for technology competencies.

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