The OZNA Сompany helps schoolchildren to study 3D modeling

30 June 2022
 The OZNA Сompany helps schoolchildren to study 3D modeling

Since last year, the corporate training center "OZNA-Profi" has started a project on career guidance and interaction with educational institutions of the city of Oktyabrsky. The aim of the project is to enhance the image of OZNA as an attractive employer and to involve promising young people.

In September, the project "3D modeling in CAD Compass-3D" began. The future belongs to those who keep up with the times: this knowledge cannot be obtained in the course of the school curriculum, but 3D modeling competencies will definitely be useful to tomorrow's students (it is possible that our future colleagues are among them!). The project brought together tenth graders from school No. 10, OZNA and the Institute of Oil and Gas of USPTU (October branch) in collaboration. For a whole academic year, the children passed the "theory" with the teachers of the institute, since June the final stage began – the practice, which takes place on the basis of "OZNA-Measuring Systems".

An experienced mentor has already been assigned to the eleventh graders, now they will immerse themselves in the world of 3D modeling in a real engineering context.
Before the start of the practice, an excursion was held, the guys looked at the scale of production of measuring units. Now they have to implement the tasks and apply the knowledge gained during the year.

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