The fourth successful test of the OPE technology of water treatment

4 December 2020
The fourth successful test of the OPE technology of water treatment

Specialists of the new product development Department conducted the fourth pilot test (OPI) of two technologies – hydrocyclone and sorption - on the basis of a mobile research facility (UMI) at LUKOIL-Perm. The pilot operation of UMI at Rosneft, Salym petroleum and Verkhnechonskneftegaz has already proved its effectiveness and is confirmed by the Engineering reports of these VCS. New opis have also proven 100% efficiency of the technology. Scaling the effective OZNA technology to all oil companies will not only demonstrate the innovative potential, but also help develop the share of new products.

Water treatment is an important process of reservoir flooding technology. Thanks to the built-in water treatment technologies, the use of UMI allows you to increase the pick-up rate of injection wells, reduce energy consumption at the pump, reduce the number of acid treatment operations, thereby reducing the operating and capital costs of oil workers.

At two technological points of the LUKOIL – Perm facility, the OZNA-Gulfstream cyclone oil separator (RF Patent No. 184860) and a sorption filter-clarifier based on walnut shells reduced the content of residual oil in the water for injection into the reservoir several times - to the declared 10 mg/l. All test criteria are met, and the tests themselves are considered successful. It was once again proved that UMI "OZNA" meets the declared characteristics for cleaning reservoir water from petroleum products and mechanical impurities. This was confirmed by the LUKOIL-Perm Engineering report with a recommendation to include these OZNA technologies in projects for the development and reconstruction of oil and gas treatment facilities.

Our colleagues plan to inform all LUKOIL's territorial divisions about the results of the OPI through technical conferences and internal knowledge dissemination systems. The next step is to conduct an OPI at the facilities of Gazprom Neft and the Irkutsk oil company.

Integration of technical solutions in the field of water and gas treatment and filtration competencies strengthens OZNA's position at the tender stage and will become a competitive advantage.

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