Welcome to a virtual tour of OZNA industrial base

24 April 2020

Amidst the pandemic, virtual tours have become a new global trend. People can now go places without leaving their homes, and OZNA stands the pace! In the About Us section of our official website, you can find a virtual tour of OZNA production facilities, including OZNA-Metering Systems in Oktyabrsky and OZNA-Engineering in Ufa as our subsidiaries. The tour gives you a first-hand experience of our 15 workshops encompassing more than 200 thousand square meters.

In terms of their job duties, not all OZNA employees visit production facilities on a regular basis. Moreover, those engaged in manufacturing are at times unfamiliar with the specifics of other related divisions. It is not like that anymore. Our virtual tour stands out from a conventional site visit, as it lets you enjoy a panoramic view of our industrial base among other things.

Thanks to the virtual tour, you will be able to see our new powder painting complex conforming to the recent international standards, our state-of-the-art coating preparation area, our cross-docking area which is a new system of storage and logistics employing nine-tier storage racks located right in production area. In OZNA-Metering Systems, just one storage facility with cross-docking equipment is now used to replace 11 conventional warehouses.

Stop by the metrological compliance area and see our multiphase test bench. Only 20 companies in the world can boast using this kind of equipment.

You are welcome to take a look at our investment casting shop, our separation vessel, switchgear and metering skid assembly area, as well as meter calibration area, pump and heat generator assembly area, and last but not least – our low- and medium-voltage equipment assembly areas 1 and 2.

Click here for free OZNA 3D tour: https://ozna.ru/upload/VT_Ozna1/tour.html

We wish you a pleasant and enriching tour to OZNA full of insights!

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