Pig launcher & receiver


OZNA Company provides engineering and manufacturing solutions for upstream surface oil and gas equipment. Confident stance in oil & gas market and stable development of OZNA is achieved through powerful industrial potential, broad experience in various complexity level projects' execution, which is accumulated in more than 60 year history.


Pipeline Inspection Gauges (Pigs) are used to perform a variety of functions within a pipeline including cleaning, inspection and separation of different types of fluids within the pipeline. Pig Launchers and Receivers are the entry and exit points of the pigs into and out of the pipeline.

OZNA Launchers and Receivers are designed to meet all your pigging needs

  • Inline Inspection
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Batching
  • Displacement


  • Quick opening using reliable closures
  • Different modification to feat any conditions
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Pressure warning lock to alert operator about the existence of internal pressure prior to opening the closure
  • Cost-effective and reliable solution due to 100% manufacturing within OZNA Company


Assembly and Features

  • Fully skid mounted
  • Pig launchers are equipped with self-manufactured pig signalers
  • Modifications with yoke-type or bayonet-type closures are available

Yoke-type closure

  • Quick opening/closing (2 minutes)
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Enhanced structural integrity
  • Enhanced maintenance ability

Bayonet-type closure

  • Enhanced opening/closing speed (0.5 minutes)
  • Most compact solution


Tel.: +7 (495) 952-41-24, ext.1605 
E-mail: export@ozna.ru

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