Early production facility (EPF)


OZNA Early production facility (EPF) show up as an effective solution for operating companies to bring their new discoveries on-stream fast and generate an early cash flow. Facility can be both — mobile design or skid design.

  1. Production wells cluster
  2. Measurement and adjustment module
  3. Oil/condensate loading
  4. Produced water loading

Plant composition

  • Oil and gas separator (OGS)
  • Water separation tank (WSS)
  • Measurement and adjustment block
  • Flare unit (FU)
  • Automated Process Control System with control unit and motor control center
  • Chemical injection pump (CIP) (optional)
  • Oil/condensate buffer vessels (OBV) and water buffer vessels (WBV) with draw off pumps P-1,2 and loading system LS-1,2 (optional)
  • Diesel power plant unit (optional)

OZNA EPF allows obtaining treated product during the period of initial (pilot) field development before the permanent gathering and treatment facilities has been designed, erected and commissioned.

OZNA EPF provides rael-time production data that can help estimate reservoir performance before long-term facilities installation. OZNA EPF can be used for small reserves that would be financially risky or uneconomical to produce with a permanent production facility.

Units are supplied in form of modules of maximal completeness within 4-5 months from enquiry date. Both stationary version on frame support or skid and portable version on trailed wheeled carriers are possible. Unit composition is selected depending on the properties of the initial raw product and on the established targets of well survey. The equipment service life is 20 years.

Operation principle

The product may be delivered to EPF either from a separate well or from a gathering manifold. Demulsifying agent can be fed into the pipeline by dosing pump as an option. The inlet cyclone device of the separator is designed to accept products with high initial gas content (up to 2000 m3/m3 or 11200 scf/stb) and can efficiently separate gas from liquid flow. The gas from OGS is transferred to the measuring unit and further to the flare unit (FU) or to the field gas gathering system. The liquid phase from OGS flows into the water separation tank WSS to be separated into oil (condensate) and water and is further delivered via measuring units into the gathering system. In case no gathering system designed, EPF can be equipped with oil/ condensate buffer vessels (WBV) with a system of pouring into tank trucks LS-1,2.


Characteristics Value
Production capacity in terms of liquid Up to 1,000 m3 / day / 6,300 bbl/day
Production capacity in terms of gas Up to 1,000,000 nm3 / day / 21,400 MMSCFD
Relative error of liquid flow weight measurement Maximum 1.5 % by weight
Relative error of gas flow volume measurement Maximum 2.0 % by volume


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E-mail: export@ozna.ru

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