Multiphase pump station


The multiphase pumping station (MPPS) is designed to transport multiphase oil-gas-water-saturated medium with the head required at the oil treatment unit intake. This allows the user to transport everything via a single pipeline instead of separate oil and gas pipes, and to achieve double savings on CAPEX.


Characteristics Value
Oil volume flow, m3/h 10,4…19,1
Input temperature, min/max, °С
- 20….+ 45
Oil viscosity under operating temperature, mPa-s up to 2500
Gas volume flow, nm3/h 4613…6919
Water volume flow, m3/h 0,3…15,5
Outlet pressure, MPa 4,3
H2S content, % up to 6
Paraffin, pitch, asphaltene content, % 10,9-18,5


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