Compact metering unit OZNA-MASSOMER


This is the optimal cost solution for single-well meterings on brownfields with low production rates and a stable ratio of borehole fluid phases. Operating principal is based on separating of fluid flow by hydrocyclone separator.

The unit is fully standalone that enables to test wells without an operator. Metering data are kept in history with option of data base communications by GSM. Distinction of the unit is item calibration of the meters that significantly simplifies calibration process.


  • Ground placement possibility without additional construction
  • Reduction of the metering time due to the small volume of the separator
  • Simplicity and minimum number of equipment
  • Potential of water cut calculation by three methods
  • Low-power generator or alternative energy sources (from 1kwh)
  • Delivery by helicopter or low-toned vehicles
  • Mobile design for using as testing meter unit
  • Preparation for mobilization and movement of the metering unit takes 60 minutes
  • Careful equipment part selection


Specifications Design 1 Design 2
Line pressure up to 63 bar up to 63 bar
Max liquid flow rate capacity, t/day 160 320
Max gas flow rate capacity, n. m3/day 20000 40000
Gas-oil ratio, n. m3/day 125 125
Water cut 0% to 100% 0% to 100%
Line temperature +5°С to + 70°С +5°С to + 70°С
Ambient temperature -60°С to +45°С -60°С to +45°С
Тип взрывозащиты Exd Exd
Explosion-proof version Exd Exd
Overall dimensions (LхWхH), m 1,8×1,5×2,4 2,lх1,5×2,6
Net weight, kg 2000 2500


Tel.: +7 (495) 952-41-24, ext. 1605 

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