Kolvinskoye field

Nenets Autonomous Okrug Kolvinskoye field
NK Alliance OJSC
About the Project

OZNA implemented a large project in development of technical specifications, front end engineering design and approval, coordination of subcontractors’ activities, manufacturing, supply, pre-commissioning of oil treatment package (OTP) equipment, and creation of APCS.

OTP includes a complete set of equipment for field preparation of stock-tank oil: three-phase separators of increased unit-capacity with specialized internals; Electrical dehydrators manufactured in cooperation with Aker Solutions; preliminary gas extraction pipeline device; separation tanks; oil heating units; flare unit; modular pumping stations; fiscal (production) oil metering systems etc.

The project was characterized by challenging logistics conditions of the Timan-Pechora region and involved application of several novel technologies in the oil-and-gas area. OZNA gained the experience in integrated project management, acquired new competencies in designing oilfield equipment and delivering massive logistical projects to remote Far North locations on a very tight schedule.

Kolvinskoye field


  • Oil Treatment Packages
  • Electrical dehydrators
  • Preliminary gas extraction pipeline unit
  • Separation tanks
  • Oil heating units
  • Flare facility
  • Modular pumping stations
  • Fiscal (production) oil metering systems

Scope of Work

  • Development of technical specifications
  • Front end engineering design and approval
  • Manufacturing, supply, pre-commissioning of oil treatment package (OTP) equipment
  • Creation of APCS

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