Vankor field

Krasnoyarsk Krai Vankor field
NK Rosneft PJSC
About the Project

The first large field in Eastern Siberia, characterized by high oil and gas well flowrates, extremely low temperatures, challenging logistics, the necessity to build oil mainlines.

For Vankor field facilities, OZNA fabricated and shipped more than 30 processing units, including almost all components of the equipment set required at a well pad. The units include OZNA-Massomer metering packages, designed on the basis of an innovative separator which allows for metering in a very wide range of gas and liquid flowrates.

The fabricated units also include the chemicals dosing and pig launching facilities; CDU; oil and gas meters; formation pressure maintenance, flare and fuel gas metering systems; rotational personnel warm-up units, APCS, and other equipment.

Solutions for facilities are unique for Russia: all infrastructure facilities are sheltered in modular superblock buildings similar to off-shore rigs.

In 2018, OZNA supplied and launched the primary free water knockout package - “Center” PFWKOP at the field. The solution consists of twelve end-of-pipeline tubular phase splitters (KDFT) and four inlet tubular expanders (TR). OZNA PFWKOP will reduce the oil gathering system load, thus significantly decreasing the expenses for power and chemicals; capex for construction will also be reduced.


Vankor field


  • Over 30 process modules integrating the equipment in a single complex
  • OZNA-Massomer metering packages
  • Chemicals dosing units
  • Pig launching units
  • Oil, flare and fuel gas meters
  • Formation pressure maintenance systems
  • Rotational personnel warm-up units
  • “Center” PFWKOP
  • APCS

Scope of Work

  • Development and fabrication of new equipment types for PFWKOP-South and PFWKOP-North, CGS, for the source and terminal pumping stations of the Vankor-Purpe oil pipeline, well-pad sites
  • Supply, construction, supervision, pre-commissioning of modules and APCS

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