Priobskoye field
KhMAO Priobskoye field
NK Rosneft PJSC
About the Project

One of the largest fields in Western Siberia. For the first time: the customer specified new requirements for automation, reliability, metering accuracy, and commissioning schedule; the linear well pad facility arrangement, unique for Russia, was implemented, which provides for installation of a shifting device at each well head, while the number of wells in a pad is 20 and more.

OZNA supplied OZNA-Massomer metering packages, modular water injection stations for well pads, pumping stations, chemical dosing units and water injection distribution manifolds, oil, gas meters, and other equipment.

Priobskoye field

Scope of Work

  • Designing new and advanced equipment models specifically for development of the Priobskoye field
  • Manufacturing, supply, supervision, and pre-commissioning
  • Warranty and after-sales service


  • Well shifting units for oil gathering, over 1000 sets
  • OZNA-Impuls metering units
  • OZNA-Massomer, over 1000 sets
  • Modular Water Injection Stations for Well Pads (25 pcs.)
  • MWIS with horizontal pumps
  • Pumping stations
  • Oil gathering stations
  • Chemical dosing units and water injection distribution manifolds
  • Oil, gas meters

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