High-viscosity oil

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The proportion of unconventional oils, including heavy high-viscosity oils, has increased considerably in the structure of the world reserves during the last decade. Global reserves of heavy and bituminous oils significantly exceed the reserves of light oils and are estimated in an amount of over 750 bln. tons. The matter of developing such oil resources is especially pressing now due to the recent trend for slower growth of on-spec oil reserves. Therefore, relevant becomes the task of processing the high-viscosity oil to the stock conditions and providing for high-accuracy metering under difficult conditions.



High-viscosity oil treatment units existing on the market have a number of disadvantages, for instance, they are bulky, particularly, they have a large amount of settling equipment; they also involve additional energy expenses associated with the need to use the electric field for dehydration and desalination of high-viscosity oil.


The primary requirements for high-viscosity oil treatment systems include: flexibility, i.e., the possibility to use a number of processing options with a basic set of equipment and facilities; creation of integrated oil treatment process flows. For high-viscosity oil treatment, OZNA offers to use modular mobile packages. OZNA professionals expanded the technologies of modular well completion packages to mobile oil treatment packages.

These solutions allow the user to achieve a number of considerable advantages. Due to decreased metal consumption and development footprint with the use of combined treatment apparatus with efficient internals, multilayer layout of units, and a distributed automated process control system, the cost of construction can be reduced by 25 % along with optimization of funding.

OPEX and facility upgrade and scale-up investments can be decreased by 35 % due to the upgradeability of the equipment without any replacement to increase its performance in a wide range of physical and chemical properties of products and to the use of personnel-free technologies and long useful life.

For high accuracy of metering, we use the OZNA-Vx metering packages well-proven for high-viscosity oil. The equipment allows for almost any kind of complexity in continuous metering of oil, water, and gas flow rates and the fractional makeup of multiphase flows.



OZNA’s high-viscosity oil treatment solutions will help to reduce the capital construction expenses and decrease the cost of ownership of equipment.

For heavy fluids, the advantages of OZNA-Vx packages include the reliability of data, continuous metering (real-time data for analysis and decision making), early water ingress detection, reduced amount of work in sampling and chemical analysis, optimized operation modes of equipment, reduced capex for construction of facilities through implementation of compact engineering solutions.

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