Multiport selector valve

OZNA Multiport selector valve (MSV) is a reliable, cost effective and compact device for production management improvement and well optimization. OZNA-MSV allows selecting and diverting of well fluids from an individual well to a metering line. Connecting up to 8 flow lines, the Multiport selector valve allows the combined fluids to flow through a separate group outlet, while simultaneously isolating any single well for testing. OZNA-MSV can also be used for water injection to perform pressure buildup and enhanced oil recovery.

Multiphase pump station

Intended for transfer of multiphase oil- gas- water- saturated services with required for oil treatment unit pressure. It allows to transfer all of them by one pipe instead of separate oil and gas pipes, that allows to reach double savings of capital investments.

Loading systems and arms «OZNA-Agidel»

Loading arms OZNA-AGIDEL is intended for the organization of commercial accounting of oil and its products points at discharge and filling automobile and railway tanks on oil depots, oil processing plants, points of transfer, automobile seasonings.

Fluid filtration system

OZNA company, using modern numerical design methods, has developed a series of hydrocyclones for water mechanical impurities filtration. Constantly optimizing the shape of the hydrocyclones, the development team managed to achieve high sand separation efficiency. Solutions comparative characteristics from different manufacturers are presented in Fig.

Test separator unit

The test separator is a three-phase oil-and-gas separator for well studies and tests at the initial stage of development and for basic production flow metering at undeveloped fields.

Early production facility (EPF)

Установки предназначены для сепарации и автоматизированного измерения дебита продукции нефтегазодобывающих скважин, работающих как в сборную систему месторождения, так и в собственную автономную систему сбора нефти (конденсата) и воды, утилизации попутного газа. Установки применяются на ранних этапах освоения месторождений в условиях отсутствия инфраструктуры и позволяют, как испытать скважины, так и получать сырую нефть для последующего вывоза автоцистернами и сдачи на центральные пункты сбора.

Pig launcher & receiver

OZNA Company provides engineering and manufacturing solutions for upstream surface oil and gas equipment. Confident stance in oil & gas market and stable development of OZNA is achieved through powerful industrial potential, broad experience in various complexity level projects' execution, which is accumulated in more than 60 year history.

Fire extinguishing pump station

Intended for water supply from fire water tank to fire-fighting water supply and foam extinguishing automatic system for the fire protection of facilities.

Modular cluster pump station (MCPS)

Intended for transfer and supply of fresh and formation water intake injection wells to reservoir pressure maintenance system. MCPS are based on centrifugal pumps or plunger pumping units. The design and manufacturing of each MCPS, including selection of technological equipment and measuring instruments, process scheme, are carried out with consideration of pumped medium, required production capacity and flow, operating conditions and Customer’s individual requirements.

Pipeline pump station

Intended for transfer of crude, commercial oil, condensate, viscosity  and chemical activity resemble liquids.