Business Practices of OZNA Company


Employee safety is our top priority. We organize our work so as to eliminate any risk to the health and life of all employees within our scope of responsibility at every stage from creating to operating our equipment and providing services.  

Engineering Expertise  

In our areas of expertise, we believe in being Client-oriented experts with an arsenal of efficient up-to-date technologies and solutions to accomplish Client’s objectives on time, in optimum manner and with minimum risks. Professionalism means an in-depth knowledge of one’s job.


A Client satisfied with our product, services and advice is the forerunner of a long-term success of the Company. Our definition of quality involves not only compliance with the technical specifications, but also delivery strictly on schedule, achieving an optimum solution for Client challenges, reliability throughout service life, straightforward and user-friendly Plug&Play product functionality.


In today’s world, the speed of creating value is a key component of competitive edge. We are geared up to deliver products, services, information and communication as fast as possible, with no time wasted.  


At the end of the day, all our efforts are to result in increased profitability for the Company and the Client. Going about our day-to-day activities, finding solutions to immediate tasks and participating in projects, we are aware of how our specific actions will contribute to the business result.



We expect most of the value for the Company to be created by the intellectual effort of our employees. For our internal processes, this means maximizing the degree of automation wherever possible and phasing out routine tasks and operations. For Company products and solutions, this means digital competitiveness, a high share of software products in our technology portfolio, well-planned and dynamic progress of R&D projects.



Our commitment to integrity is the guiding principle and cornerstone for the growth of the Company. In our communications within the Company and with the Client, we always make sure to provide sufficient, up-to-date and reliable information to support well-advised decision making.


Problem is Opportunity

The Company has adopted a new approach to problems. Every problem is an opportunity for development. We do not evade problems but rather go ahead and deal with them so that old problems will never recur, and new, more complex problems could be identified in a timely manner and resolved.


Continuous Improvement

In any of our activity, we are continuously looking for an opportunity to improve our work in small steps. We keep looking for waste in every process, find and discuss them openly and honestly to identify and eliminate the root causes. The best practices are adopted in our standards.