OZNA has long been successfully partnering with a number of corporations renowned for their technological leadership, such as Schlumberger, Emerson, Sulzer, ABB, Siemens, General Electric and many others.

In 2009, OZNA partnered with Schlumberger and launched a new generation of non-separating metering units based on the Vx flowmeter. Ever since, more than 120 OZNA-Vx flowmeters have been installed at virtually all oilfields where metering challenges include high production rates, GORs, viscosities, sub-zero fluid temperatures. In 2015, the manufacturing of the Vx-Spectra flowmeter was localized. These days, OZNA manufactures Vx flowmeters using technologies similar to those of Singapore-based manufacturers.

In the same year, a technological partnership with ABB was initiated for localizing the manufacturing of distribution switchgear packages. In 2016, a new manufacturing process was launched and manned with trained and certified specialists to assemble such switchgear packages.

By partnering with global technology leaders and implementing innovative technologies, we are well positioned to offer our Clients only the best cutting-edge solutions.

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