Associated petroleum gas utilization



Associated petroleum gas production continues to grow every year, surpassing the oil production by the factor of 3.5 in terms of growth rate. However, a large amount of this gas is low-pressure and non-marketable, thus addressing the issue of its utilization requires high investments which are incommensurable with the potential profit.



An apparent solution is to use the gas for local power generation, but the amount of the gas exceeds the generation demands considerably. Today, the main alternative is to process the gas at gas processing plants (GPPs). However, this requires to build expensive infrastructure for gas compressing and transporting via pipelines. For remote fields this problem becomes insurmountable.



The problem can be solved by a combination of modern gas treatment methods and process tasks being handled. The OZNA fuel gas treatment unit permits to direct a part of the gas amount to local power generation. The high-pressure gas treatment and metering unit allows for injecting a portion of the gas back into the formation for gas lift operation or formation pressure maintenance. The low-temperature separation plants treats the remaining gas to the marketable conditions. The variable cross-section flare units with kinetic tips will allow for smokeless operation in a range two times wider than that of traditional counterparts.



The combination of the OZNA solutions allows for creation of an integrated APG utilization program for each oil field, selecting the best technology mix in each particular case on the basis of the cost to effect ratio.