High GOR

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One of the main factors complicating the fluid production processes is high GOR of an oil-and-gas field. On one hand, high GOR reduces oil viscosity. On the other hand, high GOR affects the equipment; i.e., it leads to early wear. Moreover, GOR is a key parameter in field’s development and must be kept under strict control. Its changes can be indicative of intra-stratum oil degassing gas breakthrough from an upper formation to the bottom hole, or of annular flows. Therefore, selection of high-accuracy metering equipment takes on particular importance.


A certain trade-off may exist when making a decision on whether to measure the GOR using either traditional or multiphase metering of the extracted product. The use of multiphase flowmeters is not the solution for every problem so far. However, their use proves that they can efficiently handle the metering task when measuring wells in many cases. Field’s development management practices capitalize on both a higher quality of metering and a deeper insight into the metering needs and solutions. Anyway, multiphase metering holds strong positions in operation management.


For higher accuracy of metering, OZNA-MASSOMER and OZNA-Vx metering packages are used to automatically meter the flow rate of a single oil-and-gas producing well or a group of oil-and-gas producing wells in crude oil weight, crude oil weight net of water weight, net oil weight, and associated petroleum gas volume using both the separational and the non-separational metering methods by connecting the well to the OZNA-MASSOMER metering package or to the Vx, Vx Spectra multiphase flowmeter(s).

The OZNA-MASSOMER metering unit that includes the oil and gas separator, mass liquid flowmeters, mass or volume gas flowmeters, moisture meters, and temperature and pressure transducers.

The OZNA-Vx automated metering unit as a complete multiphase solution manufactured collaboratively with our partner the Schlumberger Company using Vx technology. The equipment allows performing continuous metering of oil, water, and gas flow rates by phases and the fractional makeup of multiphase flows in wide range of complexity. The package permits to monitor the production mode of the operational well stock in a wide variety of field circumstances.



Advantages of the OZNA-MASSOMER and OZNA-Vx units include the reliability of data, continuous metering, i.e., real-time data for analysis and decision making, early water ingress detection, reduced amount of work in sampling and chemical analysis, optimized operation modes of equipment, reduced capex for construction of facilities through implementation of compact engineering solutions.

Compact metering unit OZNA-MASSOMER