Who We Are to You


Being a leader in the oil and gas industry, OZNA excels through its dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing oil and gas equipment, engineering and automating oil and gas facilities.

People are the main asset of our Company!

It takes an active, goal-oriented team spirit to work as one towards achieving a common goal.

We offer our employees:

  • Opportunity to participate first-hand in interesting large-scale projects
  • Work under expert guidance from highly professional mentors
  • Access to new technologies and learning best practices
  • Opportunity to grow professionally and realize career prospects
  • Support of self-fulfilment and new approaches
  • Development of initiative and leadership towards improvement
  • Competitive remuneration package

Personnel Recruiting

Continuous improvement and development of technologies and manufacturing practices in the company necessitates hiring of highly qualified professionals, who have the potential and willingness to create.

Becoming a member of our big team, every employee brings in unique capabilities and knowledge that we are putting to good use when solving our common demanding but interesting tasks.

Personnel Development

Continuous development of the employees’ professional competencies is the cornerstone of implementing new approaches and technologies, fostering positive outlook for the future and creating value for the Company.

Making every effort to become the most attractive company in the industry for talented top-notch professionals, we understand that no company can develop without developing the professionalism of its people.

External workshops and conferences, special training courses and internships offered by the leading companies in the industry, internal expertise sharing and joint projects of our group of companies ensure continuous acquisition of new knowledge and growth of qualification for the employees.

Personnel development is investment into our future.

Personnel Motivation

Once we assess the potential of every employee, we provide a competitive remuneration package to support dynamic development of the employees and business processes, such a package including:

  • Wages exceeding those offered in the industry and regional job market
  • Compensations for cost efficiency and special accomplishments
  • Incentive payments for project implementation (project incentives)
  • Bonuses for improvement initiatives (‘Your Idea’)
  • Premiumsfor professionalism and mentorship
  • Social benefits
  • We stand by the principle that an employee’s value is defined by the potential and readiness of the employee to create value for the business.

    Young Potential

    Working with youth and young professionals is a priority aspect of our personnel management policy.

    We actively liaise with educational establishments on the subject of working practice and internship for students, and offer opportunities to young graduates, who are excited to learn the challenging spheres of engineering or design in our company. Our experts are always willing to share their wealth of experience with a new generation of employees.

    Young people show interest in dynamic changes, continuous development and innovative work approaches.