High formation pressure

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High formation pressure creates extra difficulties for development and operation of wells and contributes to early breakdown of equipment and to errors in data when metering well flowrates.   


To provide for metering the flowrates of production well stock, there is the need for realistic solutions, complying with the operating conditions and ensuring the high level of HSE and accuracy of measured data. In such circumstances, the use of standard separation method of measuring flow rates may not provide appropriate level of requirements due to limitations in working pressure of conventional separator units.


If it is impossible or impractical to implement a metering station based on a separation package, the practical need to provide for metering the flowrates demands to introduce new process solutions. The OZNA-Vx metering unit is independent of the flow mode and provides for reliable metering in a wide range of well conditions with high level of HSE and data accuracy.

The Vx Spectra multiphase flowmeter provides for high-accuracy metering of multiphase flow rate during surface testing of a well and production monitoring.

This flowmeter has a number of advantages over the existing multiphase flowmeters, including the improved accuracy of calculations, more compact size, enhanced operating range, and the capability to monitor and analyse the production data in a real-time mode.



The advantages of the OZNA-Vx metering unit include the reliability of data, continuous metering, i.e., real-time data for analysis and decision making, early water ingress detection, reduced amount of work in sampling and chemical analysis, optimized operation modes of equipment, reduced capex for construction of facilities through implementation of compact engineering solutions.