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OZNA is a modern Russian company specialising in engineering and manufacturing of surface equipment for upstream oil and gas operations. Building on more than 65 years of experience, OZNA has earned competencies widely sought and represented in all large-scale oil and gas projects across the nation. OZNA partners are major oil companies, including Gasprom Neft, Rosneft, Lukoil, Transneft, Surgutneftegas and others.

Our own large-scale manufacturing facilities and solidly integrated production workflows are known to meet the highest global standards of quality enabling us to deliver projects in the shortest time possible while minimizing Client’s risks and providing cost-effective solutions.

OZNA production assets total the area of 230,000 sq.m comprising four main divisions: JSC Stock Company OZNA, JSC OZNA-Metering Systems, LLC NPP OZNA-Engineering, and LLC OZNA-OMZ. Apart from the main divisions, the corporate structure of OZNA includes autonomous subdivisions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and offices in Tyumen, Irkutsk, Almetyevsk and in Kazakhstan.

Leadership in Well Production Metering Systems

OZNA is a leading manufacturer of metering systems for oil and gas industry. Every second well group metering skid being commissioned in Russia is made by OZNA. Our product portfolio includes OZNA-Vx based on PhaseWatcher and Spectra multiphase flowmeters, OZNA-Massomer, OZNA-Impulse, well test systems, mobile test services and spare parts for metering units. Always staying on the leading edge of innovative solutions, our specialists have designed a new generation of metering systems that enhance the quality and reliability of measurements and provide our clients with a maximum scope of data on well performance by implementing new features in well surveillance software. OZNA has developed unique solutions for complex production conditions to suit production metering requirements of any well over the full range of rates, viscosities, pressures, paraffin and H2S contents, sub-zero fluid temperatures.

Equipment Packages


OZNA also specializes in designing and manufacturing of a broad range of equipment for fluid transfer, reservoir pressure maintenance, chemical and thermal treatments. Our product lines are regularly upgraded on an annual basis. Recent additions to our product portfolio are distribution switchgear packages, high-performance filtering packages for hydrocyclones, mobile water injection packages of horizontal pumps. A new value-added offer from OZNA is a scalable water injection package. This technology allows to optimize the cost of pressure maintenance at every stage of your reservoir lifecycle.


OZNA delivers a full range of engineering services to satisfy the needs of oil and gas enterprises by designing, manufacturing and servicing oil and gas equipment, engineering automated process control and telemetry systems, providing metrological support. Striving to maximize the value to Client, OZNA-Engineering develops cost-effective solutions by embracing the technical aspects and a number of business models of lease and service to support the most profitable scenarios of reservoir development. These allow to expedite bringing on stream production assets, defer long-term costs to later stages by phasing in modular solutions to match the growth of production, improve the overall energy efficiency of the production system by implementing energy recovery techniques and an individual choice of technologies.

Spare Parts

Our stock of spare parts for mud pumps has been successfully enlarged over decades to include valves, liners and shafts for pump units produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers. In 2015, OMZ launched a new product — a bimetal liner for mud pumps. Since 2017, the division has also become a manufacturer of cylinders for bimetal liners. This made our Company one of the few Russia-based manufacturers of bimetal liners. With our products being procured by oil companies and drilling companies operating in Russia, FSU and farther abroad, we are reaching out to clients based in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam.

We at OZNA have a confident outlook for the future. By leveraging our industry expertise, competencies and proprietary products, we are ready to meet the most demanding challenges in the industry.


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