Low fluid temperature



The low fluid temperature is a factor complicating the production, transportation, and separation-technology metering. Under such conditions, oil becomes more viscous and emulsion more stable, preventing efficient metering, transportation, and treatment of oil with traditional industry-standard solutions. The separation and flow processes become slower; thus, additional expenses are needed to own such infrastructure, otherwise the process will be compromised and the targets will not be achieved.



There are two alternative solutions to the problem: to preheat the fluid or use alternative, more efficient technologies productive under the low temperature conditions. Oil may be preheated either in fired heaters and reheat furnaces or by means of adding hot water to the flow for processing purposes. However, these solutions are associated with capex for additional heat-generating infrastructure with high cost of ownership for energy production. With that, the preheat is often needed at a well pad for correct metering, since high viscosity prevents efficient separation of phases in the metering unit separator, thus resulting in incorrect metering.



OZNA solution the synergy of a separatorless technology with highly effective compact preheaters. The Vx technology has already proven itself and is successfully used at fields with low well liquid temperature. The process preheating task for oil transportation and treatment is solved by the new preheater design developed by OZNA.



The Vx metering technology allows for efficient metering even at negative fluid temperatures with no additional preheating. In this case, compact two-level preheaters will provide the required temperature for oil transportation and treatment in a most efficient and safe way.