Small Low-Profit Fields



In the circumstances characterized by the decrease and low reproduction rate of proven oil and gas reserves with very low - prospects for discovering any large and unique oil and gas fields; therefore, development of small-scale oil fields has gained a lot of attention in recent years.

A significant number of small-scale fields are located in hard-to-reach regions with no production infrastructure. It should be noted that if a field with relatively small oil reserves is significantly remote from the producing ones, then its development will require significant expenses associated with oil production and transportation. With that, the development perimeters and small licence areas may change with the observation of profitability parameters and production in current conditions.

Alternative Solutions

In such conditions, the license areas are developed with mobile well testing and completion units. With that, the conditions of production and parameters of fluids may change, and wells may operate in the intermittent stock. All this results in risks of building the infrastructure that will happen to be non-demanded in future or unsuitable for reuse. There are several options for oil delivery as well, e.g., a permanent tank farm, the use of flexible tanks with subsequent removal in large shipments if a shipping canal is available, or construction of a pipeline, with associated high expenditures of time and financial resources.



To increase profitability of small-scale oil fields, OZNA offers to use modular mobile well testing and production treatment packages at several stages of the life cycle. The problem is solved through the synergy of the modular approach, customization, and services. OZNA is ready to render services in well data provision with subsequent oil treatment and deployment of a situation centre to collect and process the information. The data provision services include selection and operation of the best instruments for specific conditions and requirements for each well data with integration into a single system. The treatment infrastructure provides primary separation for transportation of the product to the central oil gathering and treatment facility from all satellite fields.

OZNA professionals expanded the technologies of modular well testing packages to mobile oil treatment packages.

Layout solutions for MOTPs:

  • separators and valve blocks on a common or a separate frame (skid- or chassis-mounted)
  • product storage tank blocks (mobile or permanent modification)
  • valve block and interconnecting piping section
  • flare units and frame with the tubular gas expander, pressure reduction unit and control cabinet

  • Results

    The well flowrate data provision and oil treatment services will allow for efficient, cost effective well testing to forecast the potential production and for financial risk reduction due to the high mobility of the equipment and its capability to change locations with no capital investments. With that, a number of advantages will be implemented. The mobility ensures that the term for bringing a field into production and obtaining a commercial product will be reduced by 1 year. This result will be achieved due to, among other things, the simultaneous design and manufacturing of equipment and site preparation, maximum prefabrication of transportable units, fast delivery and installation in the absence of infrastructure, and the stand-alone on-site energy supply.

    OZNA helps to minimize the risks of unreasonable expenses on capital facilities for field development by 30 % due to sequential launch of equipment whenever it is actually required with scaling an early production package up to a modular oil treatment package and due to selective scale-up of unified interchangeable process lines with new units.

    Thus, the mobile oil treatment package helps to increase the efficiency of small-scale fields by reduction of CAPEX and OPEX for the surface oil gathering and treatment infrastructure, high flexibility of technical engineering solutions to various field operating environments and well liquid properties.

    Modular well testing packages (MWTP)