OZNA Digital products were developed as a results of organic growth and right mix of inhouse competencies

14 February 2021

Research and Development arm has a strong capabilities to perform process and product design validation using software and unique hardware set up in a lab.
The software Embarcadero RAD Studio Delphi allows to simulate behavior of wells, separators, actuators (PSM, control valves for measuring lines), and measuring instruments to develop and debug the built-in software for measuring installations.
For example, 12,6 barrels /2 m3 separator installed in a lab with a flow loop allows to run separator in different modes and test limits with extreme load factors up to 300%. Hence, new prototype is tested under extreme scenarios and bags are fixed prior field test and product commercialization.

The OZNA digital strategy, that was presented in a global webinar, offers digital solutions as well as hardware products for oil and gas surface infrastructure.

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