OZNA is granted a patent for its flare tip

7 October 2020
OZNA is granted a patent for its flare tip

OZNA-Engineering, research and development division of OZNA, was granted a patent for its flare tip - one of the utility models of the company. The patent was recorded by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property at the National Register of Utility Models of the Russian Federation.

The utility model patent serves as a proof of unique flare tip design. It will protect authentic design of the innovation from copying by competitors.

OZNA variable section flares ensure zero-emission waste incineration for various gas compositions and flow rates.

In accordance with the legislation, a utility model patent is valid for 10 years on the whole territory of Russia. After that, the applicant may choose to renew it.

No doubt, the utility model patent made out in the name of OZNA for its flare tip will strengthen the brand recognition and will serve as a proof of authenticity of OZNA solutions.


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