OZNA supplied its gas metering system to Gazpromneft-Vostok in record-breaking time

1 August 2020

Once again, OZNA-Engineering demonstrates efficient teamwork and commitment to results. The company took up a challenging job from Gazpromneft-Vostok. The shipment of two gas metering systems was to be fulfilled by a winter road before the end of the cold season to avoid costly helicopter delivery.

Thanks to our Quick Start tool and close cooperation with the related divisions of the client, the main design concepts were agreed upon in as little as one week, which made it possible to get a head start on equipment procurement based on the available price quotes.

As a result, we've managed to deliver the project in half the standard lead time. The period between the receipt of a notice and the product shipment to the client's warehouse was equal to 60 consecutive days, with the initially planned lead time of 120 days. It became possible thanks to the efficient operation of our QA/QC service and production department. It should be mentioned that, being aware of the precarious epidemiological situation, before the project start (late March-early April), we came up with a number of measures which helped to maintain non-stop production to meet stringent contractual commitments.

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