Fluid filtration system


OZNA company, using modern numerical design methods, has developed a series of hydrocyclones for water mechanical impurities filtration. Constantly optimizing the shape of the hydrocyclones, the development team managed to achieve high sand separation efficiency. Solutions comparative characteristics from different manufacturers are presented in Fig.

The separation efficiency is higher than the foreign counterparts in the entire particle size range, and the absolute superiority of the technology is observed in the range of less than 8 microns and more than 17 microns.

This technology is a Russian development, which has undergone pilot tests at one of the fields in Eastern Siberia.

Scope of application

The mechanical impurities filtration hydrocyclone technology is designed for cleaning water before the reservoir pressure injection system. The content of mechanical impurities in water can lead to a decrease the injection wells absorbing and, accordingly, the drop in the production rate of the producing wells.

The hydrocyclone has a compact and simple design. At the same time, the technology demonstrates efficiency over a wide range of pressures and flow rates of produced water.

Operation principle

The hydrocyclone operation principle is based on the centrifugal force area formation due to the liquid rotation inside the hydrocyclone.

The liquid rotation is formed by the tangential input. In the centrifugal force area, heavy particles of mechanical impurity are thrown to the internal surface and settle in the drainage cavity, pure water is collected in the central part of the hydrocyclone and is discharged through the upper outlet duct.

Our technology allows you to remove the accumulated impurity from a drainage cavity in a constant mode or upon the fact of filling. For the cleaning process, it is necessary to open the drain valve and discard the accumulated sludge.


The hydrocyclone is vertically installed inside the shells, while the number of hydrocyclones is selected for the formation water consumption. If necessary, hydrocyclones can be stopped manually or automatically switch to a shell of a different performance.

This technology is capable of operating at high pressures. The technology is easily scalable, the number of hydrocyclones or installations can be easily increased.


  • High filtration efficiency
  • Simple maintenance
  • The ability to automate the maintenance process
  • Ability to work at high pressure
  • Small dimensions


Сharacteristics Value
One shell water flow 36000 bpd (barrel per day)
Inlet impurities content 1000 mg / l
Cleaning efficiency up to 20 mg / l
Separated particles size 10-15 um and higher
Hydraulic resistance from 1 to 4 bar


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