Fire extinguishing pump station


The fire fighting pump station  is designed to supply water from the fire water tank to the automatic fire water supply and foam extinguishing system ensuring fire protection of the facilities


  • Personnel-free operation, remote control from the local area alarm system
  • Road transportability with no special permits required
  • The station is made out of individual transportable-size block-boxes to be assembled at the operation site into a single building under the common roof to reduce the logistics costs
  • The units feature complete piping, which minimizes installation efforts, and complete internal wiring of instruments and equipment
  • Three-layer sandwich panels used for wall and roof structures improve heat and energy conservation


Characteristics Value
Foam generating tank volume, l 500-12000
Injection of foam concentrate, % 0,5…6
Nominal pressure of piping arrangement, MPa 1,6


Tel.: +7 (495) 952-41-24, ext.1605 

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