Modular cluster pump station (MCPS)


Modular cluster pump station (MCPS) for well pads is designed to pump and supply fresh and production water to the injection well intake of the reservoir pressure maintenance system. MCPS are based on centrifugal or plunger type pumping sets. Design and manufacture of each MCPS, including the selection of process equipment, instruments, and process flow, is carried out based on pumped medium characteristics, required head and capacity, operating environment, and customer-specific requirements.


  • In-house hydrocyclone and screen filters providing the required precision of water purification from mechanical impurities
  • In-house switchgear packages and transformer substations contributing to cost-efficiency
  • Optional mobile modification of RPM pumping units for early production facilities
  • Module-by-module scalability of the pumping units to meet the injection requirements while distributing the capex load
  • MCPS can be supplied complete with tanks, oil systems, control rooms, fire-fighting and other auxiliary units
  • The pump and piping can be installed on vibration compensating supports inside the units to increase the useful life of the pump and the station as a whole
  • Optional flow metering instruments for water injection control and correct consolidation of material balance
  • Operation safety is guaranteed by special pressure relief safety valves and check valves
  • Capability of full automation with drived valves or increased cost-efficiency with manual valves controlled by operators
  • Booster pump unit option in case of insufficient boost pressure of MCPS main pumps


Pumping unit type Centrifugal segmental type pump Horizontal pumping system  
Production capacity, m3/day 25-240 100-1500
Lift, m 1050-2100 1000-2100
Pumping unit    intake pressure, MPa 0,1-3,1  


Tel.: +7 (495) 952-41-24, ext.1605 

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