Southern Khylchuyu

Nenets Autonomous Okrug Southern Khylchuyu
About the Project

The first large-scale project in development of carbonate formations, which involved extremely high well flowrates, sand production, high requirements for automation and intellectualization (support for self-diagnostics protocols). The equipment requirements were developed together with the international company ConocoPhillips.

For field facilities, OZNA manufactured eight OZNA-Massomer metering packages. Seven of them featured extraordinary specifications: high liquid flowrate up to 3000 t per day and high H2S content.

Chemicals dosing units (CDU), MWIS, water injection distribution manifolds, chemical dosing packages for the Central oil gathering point, pumping station to pump sludge to the sulphide- and oil-containing effluents treatment package.

Metering packages and CDU installed at well pads allowed for creation of a single well operations complex. The need for chemicals is calculated in a real-time mode. Daily metering functions are implemented for the chemicals with subsequent archiving and forwarding of data to the upper level by means of remote control.

Southern Khylchuyu


  • OZNA-Massomer metering packages
  • CDU, MWIS, water injection distribution manifolds, chemicals dosing packages
  • Sludge pumping station

Scope of Work

  • Development and manufacturing of improved models of equipment adopted to the Far North environment
  • Supply, supervision, pre-commissioning, introduction of APCS

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